Our Roots


Anthony Cini (1921-2003)
Having received a formal education at the Dock Yards in Marine Engineering, Anthony moved on to open his own business carrying out mechanical ship repair in the private sector. Anthony was instrumental in the setting up of Steel Structures as it is today. Furthermore Anthony also held a number of high level governmental positions related to engineering consultancy.

Alfred Ellul (1947)
Coming from a long family tradition in the steel industry, Alfred Ellul joined horses with Anthony Cini at the young age of 20. Trained in mechanical engineering, later he made use of his extensive experience to manage some of the most daunting Structural Steel Projects on the island. Co Managing Director of Steel Structures Co. Ltd, since its inception Alfred is still active on an every day basis and his wealth of knowledge only helps to give us our technical cutting edge.

Mark Cini (1948-2008)
A banker and accountant by profession, Mark took over the family business in 1979 as joint Managing Director. Having held the post of Bank Managing Director at the tender age of 24, he brought with him a wealth of commercial knowledge which lent itself to a new culture within the organisation. Mark Cini served as Joint Managing Director till he passed away in 2008.

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